Focus Games 75% off, Amazon Game Downloads Deal of the Week

By | March 4, 2012

Focus Games are on sale for 75% off as the Amazon Game Downloads Deal of the Week. Also Amazon is running an experiment to see what kind of  interest in DRM free games there. Personally I can see a big market for it. In fact GOG is trying to expand their focus because of the demand.

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga = $5.99 ($39.99)
This game is now DRM free. It used to have some really restrictive DRM. This is actually more than 75% off.

Cities XL 2012 = $9.99 ($39.99)

A Game of Thrones – Genesis = $9.99 ($39.99)
This game uses Steamworks, so you’ll have to activate it on Steam.
Ughh. No idea when the new season starts but they just released the trailer for season 2! Can’t wait!

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