This Week’s Game Deals at Get Games, Deus Ex, Serious Sam 3

By | January 24, 2012

Big Mclh sent over the list of upcoming deals for the week at Get Games (Thanks!).

  • There’s an ongoing pre-order deal on Shogun 2 Fall of the  Samurai for $24.59 / £20.49 / €24.59 (18% off). It requires the base Shogun 2 game and it’ll activate on Steam.
  • Darkness II is also up for pre-order for $38.49 / £26.95 / €38.49 (23% off). The game uses Steamworks, so you’ll be required to activate it on Steam. The pre-order deal ends on January 27th.

For 24 hours only from 6pm GMT on the 27th to 6pm GMT on the 28th the following two deals will be live:

Both of the above games use Steamworks, so you’ll have to activate them on Steam.

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