Sequence (for Steam) $1.99 at Game Getter. Site like Groupon

By | November 17, 2011

Heiter sent over this Game Deal to the site. (Thanks!) Sounds pretty cool. Game Getter is a site that’s similar to Groupon/Living Social/Mob Buy but catered towards games.

The way it works is a game has different price points depending on the number of people that purchase the game. So more buyers means bigger discount. This is a new site, started by GForums (Game Forums?). I’ve honestly never heard of them. I like the concept though. Anyone have any more info on the site?

The first game they’ve put up is Sequence. It looks like a very unique mix of RPG/musical game genres. Right now there are over 311 buyers already so you’re gauranteed to get it for the lowest price — $1.99. The regular price for the game is $4.99, so 50% off about 60% off. (Edit: LOL Math fail on my part).


This is a Steam activateable copy of the game, so you’ll get an activation code that needs to be activated on Steam.

It looks like the deal ends in 8 days. In my honest opinion, that’s a little too long. Deals should run for 3 days tops. One deal every 8 days or so is just way too slow.

Click here to check out the Sequence deal at Game Getter.

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