Sanctum 50% off, Conflict Denied Ops 75% off at Steam (Updated)

By | November 3, 2011

Sanctum is 50% off as the Steam Weekend Deal.

Sanctum is really fun. It’s a time killer too, especially if you do infinite waves and start at wave 1. I started a “quick” game with a friend of mine and we ended up losing like 3 hours later. There was a big update recently according to my steam newsfeed. I think they added 2 new game modes and a new weapon. Maybe a new monster also.

You can use the 10% off voucher at GMG to get the dlcs slightly cheaper and add them to Steam, since they are not on sale seperately.

Conflict Denied Ops is 75% off as the daily deal for 11/3.

EDIT: Looks like they added a DLC pack for Sanctum. Also I read on the forums that there’s a Free Weekend for the gaming going on also. I don’t see it mentioned anywhere on the Steam Store. Can anyone confirm?

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