EA Games now available at GMG, BF3 Preorder £31/$48

By | October 6, 2011

Thanks to Wladislaw for giving me the heads up on this deal. Over at GMG looks like they’ve finally added EA games to their library. I think there was a hiccup earlier in the day when the games became unavailable but they’re back now.

If you use the voucher code TECHB-ARGAI-NS015 you will save 15% off your order. Note that it doesn’t work on Battlefield 3 because it’s already specially priced.

BTW, I’ve been playing a lot of the BF3 beta. I like it but I wish I could rebind the keys the way I want. Also I wish there was a console so I could adjust my mouse sensitivity the way I like. Maybe toss in a zoom sensitivity ratio too. Machine gun with the bipod set up is amazing.

Wladislaw listed a few games and his results with the voucher code:

All of the EA games should be activateable on Origin.

Click here to see the EA Games now available at Green Man Gaming.

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