Paradox Week Sale at Steam, 5 Days of Deals

By | September 14, 2011

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Today marks the beginning of the Paradox Week Sale at Steam. There will be 5 days of deals on Paradox Interactive games.

Today’s deal (9/14) is on Cities in Motion. The game is on sale for 75% off:

Also on sale is the Paradox Complete Pack for $99.99 / £74.99 / 99,99€. It comes with the following games, which are sold seperately for 50% – 75% off:

  • Arsenal of Democracy
  • Cities in Motion + DLC
  • Commander Conquest of Americas + DLC
  • Darkest Hour $4.99
  • East India Company $4.99 + DLC
  • Elven Legacy + Expansions
  • Europa Universalis 3 + DLC
  • For the Glory Hole
  • Hearts of Iron 2 Complete
  • Hearts of Iron 3 + DLC
  • King Arthur The Role Playing Wargame + DLC
  • Knights of Honor
  • Lead and Gold
  • Magicka + DLC
  • Majesty 2 + DLC
  • Mount & Blade
  • Mount & Blade Warband
  • Mount & Blade With Fire sand Sword
  • Penumbra Black Plague
  • Penumbra Requium
  • Pirates of Black Cove
  • Pride of Nations + DLC
  • Rise of Prussia
  • Ship Simulator Extremes + DLC
  • Supreme Ruler Cold War
  • Sword of the Stars + DLC
  • Take Command Second Manassas
  • The Kings’ Crusade + DLC
  • Victoria 1 Complete
  • Victoria 2 + DLC
  • Woody Two Legs

There’s a good chance that Amazon may match or try to beat some of these prices, so keep an eye out. Especially if you’ve got some store credit over there. Or if you miss one of the daily deals, check Amazon because it may still be discounted there. Most of the deals will be limited to North America however.

I bet at some point we’ll see M&B on sale. Most likely Magicka also. Get your wallets ready.

Click here to see the Paradox Week Sale at Steam.

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