OnLive Pre-order Deals, Batman Arkham Asylum 99₵

By | September 2, 2011

There’s a couple good pre-order deals up at OnLive. One for Batman: Arkham City and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. What’s make them even better is the 30% off discount they give to playpack subscribers. In addition to that, a deal for Batman: Arkham Asylum is about to unlock making it only 99₵!

So one ongoing deal they have at OnLive is playpack subscribers get 30% off all their purchases at OnLive. The playpack subscription is $9.99 and you get access to like 30 different games that you can play all you want. Right now you can pre-order either Batman: Arkham City or The Lord of the Rings: War in the North and you get a coupon for a free game console or a free game. Both Batman and LOTR is $49.99 so the pre-order deal for those is already good. But if you subscribe to the playpack for a month at $9.99, you would save 30% off Batman/LOTR making them only $35.00. So you’re total would only be $44.99, which is $5 less than you’d be spending w/out the playpack. You can use that $5 and use it on one of their Labor Day discounts or a future $5 Friday deal.

In addition to that, right now they have a Facebook promo. If they get 45,000 “Likes” to their Facebook page, they’ll unlock a deal for Batman: Arkham Asylum. The price of the game will drop to a low low 99₵. Haha if you’re a playpack subscriber does that drop down to 69₵?!

Get ready because I’m definitely picking up the game for <$1.00. I’m going to play on my netbook when I’m bored lol.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

NOTE: The deal will only unlock once they get 45,000+ Likes on their Facebook page. If a code is necessary, I’ll do another post with the code!

EDIT: < 1.5K more Likes needed!

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