Gun 75% off, Steam Daily Deal 9/25

By | September 25, 2011

Gun is 75% off as the Steam Daily Deal for 9/25.

  • Gun = $ 5.00 / £ 2.50  / 3,75€

It has a 76/100 metascore. That also reminds me, did they ever port Red Dead Redemption over to PC?

3 thoughts on “Gun 75% off, Steam Daily Deal 9/25

  1. Marcos Bolton

    They said at first the game would never be ported to the PC. On the other hand, L.A. Noire will get a port ¬¬ (not as exciting) and apparently the next big hit for Rockstar, max payne 3, will not have that problem, since that would be a step back for the series. I sincerely think they tried to take a gut shot at piracy with that maneuver for Read Dead Redemption and it ended up being a backlash.

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