EA Origin Birthday Promo Code Trick for 25% off. BF3 $45

By | September 4, 2011

Here’s a handy little trick/tip to get a one-time use promo code good for 25% off most games at the EA Origin Store.

The promotion code can be used on Battlefield 3 pre-orders, which makes it only $44.99. Plus you get in the 48 hours early access to the beta and the Physical War Pack. The PWP is available to everyone after something like 30 days but you’ll have it from day 1. You get some DLC weapons on their Battlefield Free game too (yay?).

Battlefield 3

Anyway, the trick is to sign up for a new EA Origin account using a new email address.

If you don’t want to sign up for a new email address you can use the gmail trick if you have a gmail account. Lets say your email address is userblah@gmail.com. If you sign up to Origin using the address user.blah@gmail.com you will still get the email because google treats those 2 addresses as the same. Basically, they ignore the periods. So you could use u.serblah@gmail.com, use.r.blah@gmail.com and so on. Gmail will also ignore anything entered after a + sign. So you could use userblah+origin@gmail.com, userblah+eastore@gmail.com etc.

OK, now this is important. When you sign up look at the current date. If it’s 9/4 for example, when you enter your DOB just enter in something like 9/5 or 9/6 just to be safe. Complete the registration process and just wait. The codes are one-time use so first come first serve. I’ll try to get some more codes later possibly and hook you guys up.

EDIT: One thing to note is I think you need to check the box where it says you want to receive emails from Origin. If you want to avoid spam to your main account, you can always sign up for a “Spam” gmail account or you can just unsubscribe once you get your code.

On 9/5 or 9/6–whatever date you entered, you will get a 25% off code that expires in 30 days good at the EA Origin store. Enter that promo code at checkout and you will have BF3 pre-ordered for $44.99.

You can do the same trick at the EA Gun club. First sign up using your EA Origin account and then sign up for their email newsletter. You do that by selecting the little email icon in their social media menu.

EDIT 2: I’m not sure if you actually need to sign up for the Gun Club first. You might be able to just sign up for the email newsletter. I’ll update if that works out for me.

ea gun club email

When your birthday hits, you’ll get an email from them but that coupon expires in 5 days instead of 30. I think the codes are also only good off Shooter games also. It may or may not work on BF3 pre-orders. The one I received does work on BF3. The Origin code should be good for most games.

Here are the two codes that I received. I already have the game pre-ordered on Direct2Drive otherwise I would have used them myself lol.

EA Origin Link.

Update: Click here for a Step by Step guide on getting an EA Origin Birthday Promo Code.

17 thoughts on “EA Origin Birthday Promo Code Trick for 25% off. BF3 $45

    1. Anonymous

      Should be able to use the promo code using your “original”. I was using an unregistered user when I was testing the codes. The only limitation is they’re one-time use.

        1. BCHXI

          It doesnt´work here in Germany. Signed up on 9/5 and entered birthday on 9/6 – but haven´t received a mail with promo code yet.

          1. Anonymous

             I tried it again last night. Either they stopped sending out the codes or you have to sign up a certain amount of hours before your “birthday” hits. I believe the Origin store is based on PST. I’m going to try to set the birthday an extra day ahead and see if I can get them this time.

          2. ahole

            so how did it work?  I’m just preorder bf3 and me3 so i’m not in a rush
            so i set my birthday next week and hopefully i can receive 25% off both
            games when it arrives.

          3. Anonymous

            There seems to be a threshold. So you have to sign up a certain # of hours before your Birthday hits. I’d say give it at least 20 hours to be safe.

            So if it’s 9/12 3am est. Set your birthday to 9/13 and you should still get the code. If it’s 9/12 at 9pm est, you probably won’t get a code. EA Store uses PST I think so subtract 3 hours from those times to convert.

            I wouldn’t bother with the Gun club. Those coupons are hit or miss for working on BF3.

          4. ahole

            will see, well will the code be good for the entire order?  Or just one game?  and will it work on pre-orders?

          5. Anonymous

            Works on your entire order. Seems to work on everything. I had BF3 and ME3 in my cart when I tested the codes. 25% off is probably only good on pre-orders or newer stuff. Otherwise you’re better off waiting for an EA Insider deal/special deal when they give a larger discount.

          6. ahole

            still haven’t received my code yet :/  I made one more email and set the bd to next saturday, hopefully it’ll arrive.

  1. Anonymous

    I have literally made like 5 or 6 emails to try to get this to work but
    still haven’t received a single code…i would very deeply appreciate it
    if someone could pm me a code if they happened to enter a couple times
    thank you in advance!!!

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