Yet Another 20% off Voucher code at Green Man Gaming

By | August 26, 2011

There’s a new 20% off voucher code at Green Man Gaming. Use the code HAPPY-PAYDA-YSITE to save 20% off almost anything. Works great on pre-orders. If you do a search for Steam you can see all the Steamworks games available. Not sure how long the code will last.

Great pre-order deals are on: Dead Island, Batman Arkham City, Tropico 4, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Driver San Francisco, and Stronghold 3.Green Man Gaming 20% off Voucher Code

If you’re a first time purchaser, you can get a $5 credit after you spend $5 at the site good towards a future purchase by clicking through this referral link.

Also, this looks like it’s incoming:


The following Pre-Orders are confirmed and should be going up when we’re allowed to put them up:

Dungeons: Dark Lord
Game of Thrones Genesis
Football Manager 2012
Men of War: Vietnam

The following titles are NOT part of GMG’s contract. We are working on getting contracts to sell games from these Publishers but right now cannot guarantee that these games will be available to pre-order. Our best advice is to wait for as long as you can to see if we recieve them, but no information can be given out by me or anyone else at GMG until contracts have been confirmed and signed:

FIFA 12 [EA]
LA Noire [Rockstar]
Battlefield 3 [EA]
Call of Duty: MW3 [Activision]
NFS: The Run [EA]
Mass Effect 3 [EA]
Skyrim [Behtesda]
RAGE [Bethesda]
Serious Sam 3 [Devolver Digital]

Click here to see the current game deals at Green Man Gaming.

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