From Dust is $11.97/£9.57 on GMG with voucher. 3 codes

By | August 17, 2011

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Over at Green Man Gaming (GMG) you can pick up a copy of the new game From Dust for $11.97/£9.57 after voucher code. There’s 3 voucher codes you can choose from. Note that they are one time user per customer.

GMG put up a review of the game. Also note if you review the game (or any other game) and it gets approved, you’ll earn a $.50 credit that you can use towards a future purchase on their site. It helps you out and other gamers out. I’ve done a few. They won’t email you if a review got approved though. It’ll just be added to their site and you’ll have a credit in your account.

The 3 voucher codes are:

This game looks like a really fun god type of game. I really would like to see a remake of Black & White though. I used to love seeing my giant cow god pick up his poop and throwing at people.

The game does not activate on steam but runs / patches through the Capsule client and the Ubi launcher. Doesn’t have always on DRM that kicks you out the game if you breathe wrong, but does require net access to login.

If you purchase from GMG you can start playing right away. However, if you are willing to wait an extra hour, you can pick it up at Steam for a few bucks more ($14.99 / £11.99 / 14,99€) and you can get a free TF2 hat (“Mask of the Shaman”). I’m not a hat collector but I know some people are.

Click here to visit Green Man Gaming.

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