Counter-strike: Global Offensive! Also Gotham Imposters beta

By | August 12, 2011

OMG anyone here the news on the counter-strike? It’s supposed to be more competitive based. This isn’t a game deal but I <3 CS.

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What can I say? It’s been a long time coming! Just today news from the VALVe office has emerged as our own Craig “Torbull” Levine has taken the trip down to supposedly “help develop” the new version of Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO). Is this VALVe reaching out to the community, recognizing the competitive community?

News first arrived about the new version on the Facebook Page, saying:

“Counter Strike: Global Operation… More info tomorrow!

Jess Cliffe, one of the original creators of Counter-Strike, was seen posting on the SteamPowered forums, saying “Global Offensive.


  • Planned to be released Q1 2012
  • Focuses on 5v5 competition
  • Press release within 24 hours from VALVe
  • Plays on an updated source engine
  • Individual & Team rankings
  • New Guns added
  • New Grenades
  • Dust & Aztec major revamp
  • Spamming still viable
  • Ammo is free

We can only hope and wait in anticipation as more details are revealed and are made public. As always, keep it tuned to and the Facebook Page for more info!

Also some good links on the Steam Forums.
Oh also you can sign up for a chance to be in the closed beta for the new Monolith game called Gotham Imposters. This game looks pretty sweet.
More info about the game here.

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