GOG Summer Hidden Gem Promos start tomorrow 7/8

By | July 7, 2011

Good Old Games (GOG) has some Summer Hidden Gem Promos that start tomorrow Friday, July 8 and runs until July 25. Every day a new game will be 60% off. The first game goes on sale tomorrow at 6am EDT. The games will follow the usual hidden gems format. The games will be the lesser games that people might have missed out on.

Great site with great promos. No DRM too. I’m still hoping they get LucasArts on board so they can rerelease Day of the Tentacle. gog summer gem promos

Don’t forget this deal doesn’t start until tomorrow!

I’ll try to update the deal daily but I might forget or I might be busy playing all the new games I bought D:. Too many good summer game sales lol.

Click here to see the Summer Hidden Gem Promo announcement at GOG.

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