Amazon 4th of July Blowout Game Sale

By | July 1, 2011

Looks like Amazon is doing a Summer Sale too. Today is the start of the Amazon 4th of July Blowout Game Sale. A lot of digital games are on sale and a number are cheaper than over at Steam. I still recommend you wait to see if a game pops up as a daily deal at Steam although, some games are probably the cheapest they’re going to get. Right now none of the EA games are on sale at Steam for example.

The site says core games and casual games are up to 75% off.

Some of the good deals are:

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 = $4.99 – I’ve been playing this game like crazy. It took a while to figure out but I had this sick round using the prototype where I had like 15 flag captures and something like a 46/12. I use bcverse or something and it shows which guns are close to getting a gold star and I focus on those so I can get more points. I’m about level 27.3 currently. I have this funny Carlos Gustav setup that I use sometimes. It’s CG + Shotty. When people start complaining I just tell them I thought this was TF2 and I was playing with the Soldier. Anyway, this game should activate on EA Origin.
  • Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition (PC or Mac) = $11.97
  • Total War: Shogun 2 = $29.96 – Uses Steamworks, so it requires Steam.
  • King’s Bounty: Platinum Edition (The Legend & Armored Princess & Crossworlds) = $8.74
  • Dawn of Discovery Gold Edition = $11.98 – I think this is called Anno 1404 in Europe.
  • Homefront = $24.99 – Steamworks game.
  • ArmA 2 = $19.99
  • Alter Ego = $4.99 – I think this is a casual hidden object game. Not available on Steam.
  • Amnesia – The Dark Descent = $4.99 – Survival Horror game. Great price.
  • ArmA2: Combined Operations = $24.99
  • Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 = $4.99
  • Sacred Gold = $4.99
  • King’s Bounty: GOTY = $10.49

Click here to see all the games on sale at the Amazon 4th of July Blowout Sale.

Update: BTW, again I suggest waiting a ltitle bit to see if any these goes cheaper on Steam. For example, they might release a package deal for Bad Company 2. IE BC2, BC2: Vietnam, Specact kit for cheap.

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