Team Fortress 2 Free Week Starts Now!

By | June 21, 2011

tf2 uber update

Valve just announced a Team Fortress 2 Free Week. So, you can play TF2 for free for an entire week. This coincides with their Uber update. They’re finally going to release the Meet the Medic video. Usually free weekends coincide with a sale on the game in question so possibly TF2 will be on sale at some point too.

If you haven’t tried TF2 before you definitely need to now. Seriously, this game is really fun. Nothing like tossing a jar of Jarate on someone lol. All that said, I haven’t played TF2 in a while. I used to play the original QWTF all the time and I loved that game. Moving to TF2 was definitely a change of pace but it was still fun. They removed grenades to get rid of the spam but it seems to be adding in all the custom hats and weapons did the complete opposite thing. Not to mention the new models for the hats/weapons messed up the optimization that kept the game running so smoothly. The great thing about the new items is it keeps the game fresh and it’s great that Valve is still adding content to this older game.

Anyway, I’ll probably hop on during the week to try out the new updates. This new payload map looks like it could be fun.

You can read more about the TF2 Uber Update and Free Week here.

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