FEAR 3 Preorder = $40.46 at Green Man Gaming. Requires Steam

By | June 22, 2011

F.E.A.R. 3

FEAR 3 is up for pre-order at Green Man Gaming for $44.95 (10% off). However, once you use the voucher code FEAR3-10PEC-PROMO you’ll save another 10% off, which makes the game only $40.46. It kind of flew under the radar but there’s been a lot of good buzz about this game. This game uses Steamworks so Steam will be required.

The GMG voucher code will expire at midnight Sunday BST (I think that means 7pm EST).

GMG is a UK based site so keep in mind your credit card company may charge you a foreign transaction fee. To avoid the fee you either have to use a CC that doesn’t charge this fee or you can pay via/through Paypal. I think as long as you’re using Paypal as a middleman you avoid the fee because you’re paying a US based company and not a UK based company.

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