New Direct2Drive UK coupon for 15% off orders over £14.95

By | April 29, 2011

There’s a new Direct2Drive UK Coupon for 15% off orders over £14.95. Finally, you Brits get a discount code. Too bad it came at the end of the 30 Days of Deals sale :/. Anyway, the promotion code is royalflush. The coupon expires Monday at 10AM Pdt. It says it can’t be used on preorders but it can’t hurt to try. Usually the coupons end up working anyway.

Slightly off topic but I wonder if the coupon has anything to do with the online poker ban in the US. It sucks because Pokerstars has like $600 I can’t cash out… I want to play some poker damnit!

EDIT: If you’re in the US and need a 15% off coupon, you can use 2B81ED23DEBC7023E6D815DD3466476F. If it’s expired you can generate a new coupon at this link.

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