GOG Promo = King’s, Space & Police Quest series 30% off

By | April 15, 2011

The Good Old Games (GOG) Weekend Promo Deal is up and the deal is 30% off Activision Quest Games. The King’s, Space & Police Quest series are all 30% off.

The games are $6.99 each ($9.99) or all 7 games for $48.93 ($69.93).

Click here to see the Activision Quest deal at GOG.

Love these series. So much humor. What I don’t get is at least one or two of the games had puzzles which required the manual. Meaning you had to look something up in the manual and type it into the screen. It was a piracy thing I think or some kind of gag maybe? I think GOG usually includes a digital copy of the box and manual so you should be covered.

I read on the GOG site that they might be signing a deal with Lucasarts and possibly EA. That’s exciting because that could mean a rerelease of Day of the Tentacle!

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