Dungeon Defenders 4 Pack at GamersGate for $26.97 / £18.87

By | April 29, 2011

Dungeon Defenders doesn’t come out until Q2 (April, May, or June) but this is a game I’m definitely going to pick up. I noticed on GamersGate they have a preorder deal for the 4 pack. It’s on sale for $26.97 ($35.96). £18.87 at GamersGate UK. If you  split it with your friends it’s only $6.74 / £4.72 a copy. That’s the cheapest deal I’ve seen for it. Plus you get a free in game pet–Argo, a Baby Green Dragon.

If you just want one copy it’s available for preorder for $8.99 or £6.29 at GamersGate UK. In which case it would be better to purchase from Direct2Drive. At D2D it’s only $8.95 but if you use a 15% off coupon from the coupon page, it’s only $7.61. It’s £6.25 at Direct2Drive UK. Only GamersGate sells the 4 pack currently.

Dungeon Defenders is supposed to be a hybrid Tower Defense / DOTA style Hero game. Looks pretty beast in the videos. Not available for preorder yet on Steam.

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