DiRT 2 $4.95. Also Gish & Star Defender 2 $1.99 each at D2D

By | April 12, 2011

Today’s Direct2Drive (D2D) 30 Days of Deals (Deal$) game is DiRT 2. This rally racing game is on sale for $4.95.

Also today are the $2 Tuesday deals, which seem to be mainly casual games now. The games are actually $1.99 and today’s games are Gish, Star Defender 2, and The Island: Castaway.

The same discounts are active at the D2D UK site. DiRT 2 is £3.75. Gish, Star Defender 2, and the Island Castaway are £1.99 each.

The 20% off promo coupons have expired but you can use the following code for 15% off your purchase at the D2D US site (won’t work on D2D UK, sorry): 5368C757C2ECB37021163F03E34E04BB

If the above code is expired you can generate a new code by clicking here.

This would make the US prices $4.21 for DiRT 2 and $1.69 for Gish, Star Defender, and The Island: Castaway.

Gish was one of the games in the Humble Indie Bundle #2 pack. It’s actually really fun and the gameplay is pretty unique. Star Defender 2 is supposed to be pretty good. I’ve never heard of the last game.

The nice thing about the casual games is you can actually play the games free for 1 hour before you purchase them. Good way to test them out to make sure they’re worth the money.

Oh yeah, DiRT 2 is also on sale at the IGN PC Store for $4.95. The casual games are not however.

EDIT: Looks like the 20% off code still works! Use code SHOWERS for 20% off at the US site. Use code KAPOW for the UK site.

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