Dead Rising 2 $14.99 at Amazon as PC Digital Game Download

By | April 22, 2011

Dead Rising 2 is on sale at Amazon as a PC Digital Game Download for $14.99 ($19.99). This is best price I’ve seen for it in a while. I heard an Xbox360 controller works well for the game. This game will not activate on Steam. I think it uses Games for Windows Live.

Slightly off topic but I read about this new indie game coming out called Project Zombie. The concept sounds fun as hell.

Project Zomboid is a Zombie Survival RPG. Here are some of its planned features:

  • Retro-isometric style with plenty of zombie insides thrown in for good measure.
  • A massive city and the surrounding areas to traverse, explore and loot.
  • Open-ended sandbox world – survival is your only goal, and we’re sorry to tell you… you WILL die eventually.

There’s a lot more features which you can read about here. Definitely thinking about pre-ordering this even though there’s much available in terms of videos/screen shots.

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