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GameStop: BF4, Titanfall 50% off + SEGA Sale

GameStop has some deals up. Titanfall $30 (Origin) Titanfall Season Pass $20 (Origin) Battlefield 4 $25 (Origin) Battlefield 4 Premium $37.49 (Origin) SEGA Sale Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed $5 (Steam) Typing of the Dead: Overkill $5 (Steam)

Get Games: Total War, Get Loaded, More Weekend Deals

Get Games has some deals up for the weekend. Total War Sale Empire: Total War Collection $8.74 (Steam) Medieval II: Total War Collection $4.99 (Steam) Napoleon: Total War $3.74 (Steam) Rome: Total War Collection $3.24 (Steam) Total War Battles: Shogun $2.49 (Steam) Total War: Grand Master Collection $41.24 (Steam) Total War: Master Collection $22.49 (Steam)… Read More »

Get Games: SEGA Summer Sale

Get Games has a SEGA Summer Sale going on. SEGA Summer Sale Aliens vs. Predator Collection $8.15 (Steam) Alpha Protocol $5.09 (Steam) Binary Domain Collection $5.43 (Steam) Crazy Taxi $2.71 Hell Yeah! Collection $6.62 (Steam) Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit $5.09 (Steam) Jet Set Radio $1.69 (Steam) Mega Drive Series 1 $2.55 Mega… Read More »