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Groupees: ShinyLoot 5 Bundle

Groupees has the ShinyLoot 5 Bundle live at their site. Pay $1 minimum for: Hero of the Kingdom (ShinyLoot, Steam, DRM Free) Faerie Solitaire (ShinyLoot, Steam, DRM Free) The Oil Blue (ShinyLoot, DRM Free) Pay $3 minimum for: Rogue’s Tale (ShinyLoot, Steam, DRM Free) Sweezy Gunner (ShinyLoot, Steam, DRM Free) AGON – The Lost Sword… Read More »

ShinyLoot: Summer Sale deals for 6/8

ShinyLoot has their Summer Sale deals for 6/8/14 up. East India Company Gold $2.50 (DRM Lite) Hotel $1.40 (DRM-Free) Hotel – Collector’s Edition $2 (DRM-Free) King Arthur II – The Roleplaying Wargame $2.50 (Steam) KnightShift $1.25 (DRM Lite) Railroad Pioneer $1.25 (DRM-Free) SuperPower 2 $2.50 (DRM-Free) Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix $1.74 (DRM-Free)… Read More »

ShinyLoot: 101 Days of Summer Sale

ShinyLoot is currently running a 101 Days of Summer Sale. New deals daily. They’re currently on day 8 of the sale. Daily deals for 6/6/14: Verlies $0.70 (DRM-Free) Stonerid $1.25 (DRM-Free) Salvation Prophecy $5 (DRM-Free) Painkiller Overdose $1.25 (DRM-Free) Painkiller Black Edition $2.50 (DRM-Lite) Neighbours from Hell Compilation $2.50 (DRM-Free) Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire $1.25… Read More »