Pre-order Rocksmith (PC) for $67.99 + free shipping. Comes with cable

Oh yeah! Newegg has the best current pre-order deal for Rocksmith for PC. Use the promo code BTEJNNJ35 to get $12 off any pre-order (not just Rocksmith) over $49.99. That makes Rocksmith only $67.99 ($79.99). Free shipping is included!

This comes with the USB cable to hook your guitar up.

The release date is 10/16/2012.

2 thoughts on “Pre-order Rocksmith (PC) for $67.99 + free shipping. Comes with cable”

    1. Sorry, I didn’t realize it but apparently only certain accounts qualified for the offer. I’ll keep an eye out for other Rocksmith deals though. I’ve been waiting on this game for a while now.

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