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Indie Gala: Friday Special Bundle 3/13 + Happy Hour

Indie Gala has a new Friday Special Bundle available and it’s currently happy hour for the Dragon Rock Bundle. Friday Special Bundle Pay $1 minimum for: Streets of Chaos Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion Pay $2.99 minimum for above plus: Leona’s Tricky Adventures Phoenix Force HyperRogue Shelter Snowcat Simulator samurai_jazz Majestic Nights Proxy Blade Zero Ski-World… Read More »

Indie Gala: Every Monday & Friday Special Bundles

Indie Gala has two new bundles available at their site. Every Monday Buundle 1/12 $1.89 – includes: 1Quest Mission Control NanoMech Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Rift’s Cave Quest for Infamy Friday Special Bundles Friday Special Bundle 1/9 $2.89 – includes: Runes of Brennos Cloning Clyde Five Nights at Freddy’s The Desolate Hope Theatre Of… Read More »