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Rift, Payday The Heist, Saints Row The Third on sale, Steam

Rift is the Steam Daily deal for 3/1 at 75% off. Payday The Heist and Saints Row The Third are on sale for 50% off as the Weekend deals. In addition there’s a Steam Free Weekend going on for Payday. You’ll be able to play it for free until Sunday. It’s pretty awesome. I think… Read More »

Amazon – New Price Drops on Core Games

Looks like Amazon discounted some of their Core Digital Game Downloads even more than before(and some went back to their normal prices). I’ll post some titles later. Couple of quick examples: Bioshock 2 Assassin’s Creed Directors Cut Saint’s Row 2 Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition  (You have to make sure to select the Digital… Read More »