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The Indie Gala Weekly Sale – Magicka++

The Magicka++ Indie Gala Weekly Sale is live. Thanks to reader Indra for the heads up. Pay $1 minimum for: Magicka Pay a minimum of $4.14 for above plus: Magicka 8 DLC Bundle Pay a minimum of $6.41 for above plus: King Arthur The Role Playing Wargame + DLC King Arthur Fallen Champions King Arthur II The… Read More »

Sword of the Stars, King Arthur Collection on sale at GMG

Sword of the Stars Complete and II are on sale at GMG. The King Arthur Collectionis also on sale at GMG. King Arthur Collection = $7.49 – This game requires Steam Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter = $7.49 – Requires Steam Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection = $4.98 – Uses the… Read More »

Steam > Orcs Must Die! & King Arthur: RPG 75% off

The Steam Daily Wishlist Giveaway daily deal (12/6) is Orcs Must Die! for 75% off. King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame is 75% off as the Midweek Madness deal. Orcs Must Die! = $3.75 /£2.99 / 3,49€ Orcs Must Die! – Artifacts of Power = $0.62 /£0.49 / 0,62€ Orcs Must Die! – Lost Adventures =… Read More »