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GOG: Pillars of Eternity 50% off

GOG has Pillars of Eternity on sale for 50% off as a special release promo. Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition – $22.49 Pillars of Eternity: Champion Edition – $30 Pillars of Eternity: Royal Edition – $45

GOG: Only on GOG Promo

GOG is running an Only on GOG Promo. Sale ends 11/29. Witcher Deal The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $30 Bundle Deals DD Classics Bundle Save 80% off if you purchase all the games otherwise it’s 60% off each. Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga $2 / $4 Baldur’s Gate 2 Complete $2 / $4 Icewind Dale… Read More »

GOG: Hard West, GoT, Card City Nights Deals

GOG has a few launch discounts up for some of their new releases. Hard West $16 Hard West Collector’s Edition $20 Hard West Collector’s Pack $8 Deal Ends 11/25 Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series $22.49 Deal ends 11/23 Card City Nights $2 Deal ends 11/24

GOG: Witcher And Settlers Special Promos

GOG has a couple of special promos running. Witcher Special Promo The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $42 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Enhanced Edition $3 The Witcher: Enhanced Edition $1.49 The Witcher Adventure Game $4   Settlers Special Promo Buy all the games for 60% off otherwise it’s 50% off each. The Settlers:… Read More »