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WinGameStore: Black Friday Sales Event

WinGameStore is running a Black Friday Sales Event. Every day there are flash sales that are deeply discounted along with a bunch of games that are on sale throughout the sale. Flash Sales for 11/28 BioShock Infinite – Season Pass $5 BioShock Infinite $7.49 Broforce $3.74 Euro Truck Simulator 2 $4.49 Evoland $2.49 Fahrenheit: Indigo… Read More »

Get Games: Black Friday Sale

Get Games has a Black Friday Sale running. Some of the deals listed below. Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition $5 Batman: Arkham Origins $5 Brink $5 Call of Cthulhu $2.49 Dishonored GOTY $13.59 Doom 2 $2.24 Doom 3 BFG $5 F.E.A.R Complete Pack $13.74 Fallout 3: GOTY $6.79 Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition $6.79 Gauntlet… Read More »

Origin: Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Origin is running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. Save up to 75% off. Ends November 30th. Some of the deals listed below. Battlefield 4 $10 Battlefield 4 Premium Edition $20 Crysis® Trilogy $25 Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition $24 Dead Space $5 Dragon Age Inquisition $15 FIFA 15 $15 FIFA 16 $36 Mass Effect $3.74 Mass… Read More »

Uplay: Black Friday Sale

Uplay has a Black Friday Sale up at their site. Deals end on November 29th. Some of the deals listed below. Anna’s Quest $10 Armikrog $12.49 Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag $12 Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™ Uplay Gold Edition $24 Blackguards 2 $7 Darksiders Complete $25 Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today $8 Dying Light… Read More »

ShinyLoot: Black Friday Warmup Deals 11/20-22

ShinyLoot has their last ste of Black Friday Warmup Deals up for 11/20-11/22. Should precede their actual Black Friday sale. Spectra $0 Stonrid $0.50 (Steam) Elements: Soul of Fire $0.80 (Steam) Crazy Machines Elements $2 (Steam) Trauma $1.40 Victim of Xen $0.60 (Steam) Stacking $2 (Steam) Costume Quest $2 (Steam) Memento Mori $1.40 Construction Machines… Read More »

ShinyLoot: Black Friday Warmup Deals 11/13-15

ShinyLoot has their Black Friday Rotating Warmup Deals for 11/13 – 11/15 live at their site. Some of the deals listed below. 3 Stars of Destiny $3 A Game of Dwarves $2.50 Akane the Kunoichi $0.75 APOX $2 AquaNox 2 $1 Bridge Constructor $2 Bridge Crosser $0.70 Creeper World $2 Darksiders $4 Dreamscape $2 Eleusis… Read More »

ShinyLoot: Black Friday Rotating Warmup Sale

ShinyLoot is running a Black Friday Rotating Warmup Sale. They have new sets of deals scheduled up until the 22nd. Then I assume they’ll put up a Black Friday sale at some point. Some of the current deals are below: 99 Spirits Deluxe Edition $6.80 Alan Wake Collector’s Edition $8.75 Broken Age $12.50 Clones $2.50… Read More »