Indie Gala: Current Bundles as of 3/15

By | March 15, 2016

Indie Gala has a number of bundles live as of 3/15.

Yrminsul Debut Bundle
Pay $1 minimum for:
Ethan: Meteor Hunter
Finding Teddy
Legends of persia

Pay $4.99 minium for above plus:
Mechanic Escape
The Next Penelope
Freaking Meatbags
Sleep Attack

Secret Legends Bundle
Pay $1 minimum for:
Grim Legends The Forsaken Bride
Clockwork Tales Of Glass and Ink
Time Mysteries Inheritance – Remastered

Pay $3.19 minimum for above plus:
Vampire Legends The True Story of Kisilova
Eventide Slavic Fable
The Secret Order 2 Masked Intent
Grim Legends 2 Song of the Dark Swan
Fairy Tale Mysteries The Puppet Thief
Nightmares from the Deep 3 Davy Jones

Grab the Games Bundle
Pay $1 minimum for:
Fiends of Imprisonment
They Came From The Moon
Why So Evil

Pay $2.11 minimum for above plus:
GooCubelets 2
GooCubelets: The Algoorithm
Brilliant Bob
Break Into Zatwor
Why So Evil 2: Dystopia

Retro Mix Bundle
Pay $1 minimum for:
Silent Service
Pajama Sam’s Sock Works

Pay $3.99 minimum for above plus:
Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc
Falcon A.T.
Deadlock II: Shrine Wars
Sid Meier’s Pirates! Gold Plus (Classic)
Sid Meier’s Covert Action (Classic)
World War II GI
Tank The M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank Simulation
Tycoon City New York

The Attraction Mega Bundle
Pay $1 minimum for:
Math Rescue
Death Rally (Classic)
Wacky Wheels
Word Rescue

Pay $3.99 minimum for above plus:
Shadow Warrior (Classic)
Raptor: Call of the Shadows (1994 Classic Edition)
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
Blake Stone: Planet Strike
Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure
Crystal Caves
Hocus Pocus
Mystic Towers
Realms of Chaos
Rise of the Triad: Dark War
Secret Agent
Terminal Velocity

Every Monday Bundle 3/14
Pay $1.49 minimum for:
Elysium: Blood Games
Cube Destroyer
My Bones
Diamond Deeps
Story Of the Survivor
C. Kane

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