ShinyLoot: Black Friday Warmup Deals 11/20-22

By | November 21, 2015

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ShinyLoot has their last ste of Black Friday Warmup Deals up for 11/20-11/22. Should precede their actual Black Friday sale.

Spectra $0
Stonrid $0.50 (Steam)
Elements: Soul of Fire $0.80 (Steam)
Crazy Machines Elements $2 (Steam)
Trauma $1.40
Victim of Xen $0.60 (Steam)
Stacking $2 (Steam)
Costume Quest $2 (Steam)
Memento Mori $1.40
Construction Machines 2014 $2.50
GearGrinder $1.25
Future Wars $1.25 (Steam, Desura)
Alter Ego $1.75 (Steam)
Deadly 30 $1.25 (Steam, Desura)
Supreme Commander $3.75 (Steam)
Meltdown $1.75
Cold War $1.25 (Steam)
Solar Shifter EX $2.70 (Steam)
Cell HD: emergence $2
Woodle Tree $0.90
Flatspace $3
Escape Goat $2.50 (Steam)
Plus more deals…

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