Groupees: Star Trek Online, Build a Bundle 10

By | November 14, 2015

Groupees has two new bundles live at their site.

Star Trek Online New Dawn
Pick a minimum of two items for $1. Choices are:
Romulan T’varo Light Warbird
Romulan Scorpion Fighter
SOLD OUT! Mirror Danube Runabout (Exclusive)
Federation Delta Flyer Shuttle
Federation NX Federation Starting Ship
Oberth Federation Starting Ship
Klingon To’Duj Fighter
Klingon B’Rotlh Bird of Prey

Pay $10 minimum for:
Tier 6 Ship Bundle (Tier is sold out)

Unlocked Bonuses:
Mirror Admiral Leeta Bridge Officer

Build a Bundle 10
Pick a minimum of two items for $1. Choices are:
Desert Law
STATIC: Investigator Training
Industry Giant 2
Cave Coaster
Bridge Constructor Playground
Professional Farmer 2014 – Platinum Edition
Cosmic Leap
Umbra: Shadow of Death

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