Groupees: New Bundles Live as of 10/2

By | October 2, 2015

Groupees has some new bundles live as of 10/2.

Be Mine LE
Pay $3 minimum for:
BRAWL (Steam)
House of Caravan (Steam)
Cashtronauts (Steam)
The Prism (Steam)
Cute Things Dying Violently (Steam)
Rubber and Lead (Steam)
Lonath Online (DRM Free)
$1 Golden Chatbot Coin


Build A Bundle 9
Pay $1 minimum for two games. Choices are:
Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (Steam)
Fury Of The Gods (Steam)
BlastZone 2 (Steam)
RC Mini Racers (Steam)
Stay Dead Evolution (Steam)
Deadlands Noir – That Old Time Religion (Steam)
Dusters (DRM Free)
Rogue Harvest (DRM Free)


Return Returns
Pay $2 minimum for:
F-19 Stealth Fighter (Steam)
Challenge of the Five Realms (Steam)
dA JoRMaS – Matskuuuu (Music)
Ninja Trek (
Fitz The Fox (Steam)
Crystal Picnic (DRM Free)
Job The Leprechaun (Steam)
Poison – Repulsed (PREVIEW EP FOR GROUPEES) (Music)
Test Chamber (DRM Free)


The Mini Bundle 6
Pay $1.50 minimum for:
The Princess’ Heart (Steam)
Driveby Gangster (Steam)
A-Men (Steam)
A-Men 2 (Steam)
Legacy of Svarog (DRM Free)
Kid Droid – Project Onyx (Music)

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