Bundle Stars: RPG Maker, Gauntlet, Magicka Deals

By | August 21, 2015

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Bundle Stars has a few new deals live at their site.

RPG Maker Sale
Save up to 88% off RPG Maker and DLC.

RPG Maker vx aCE $10.07
RPG Maker: Luna Engine $5.39
GG Maker $56.27
Spriter Pro $14.39
RPG Maker: DS Resource Pack $5.39
RPG Maker: DS+ Resource Pack $5.39
RPG Maker: Time Fantasy DLC $12
Game Character Hub $2.15
RPG Maker 2003 $3.59
RPG Maker XP $3.59
RPG Maker: Pixel Myth: Germania $3.59
Dreamscape $2.39
RPG Maker: Sci-Fi Tiles $3
Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy $3
Plus more deals…

Bundle Deals

Gauntlet Party Bundle $20.39
Guantlet (x4)
Gauntlet – Lilith the Necromancer Pack DLC (x4)

Magicka Bundle $4.79
Magicka DLC Bundle

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