Steam: Gear Up $7.49 + Weekend Deals

By | July 16, 2015

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Steam has their weekend deals up.

Daily deal for 7/16
Gear Up $0 (Free to play)
Gear Up: Basic $7.49
Gear Up: Premium $15


Weekend Deals
Aliens Collection Weekend Deal
Alien: Isolation $12.49
Alien: Isolation – Season Pass $7.49
Aliens Collection $7.49
Aliens: Colonial Marines $3.74
Aliens: Colonial Marines: Season Pass $7.49
Aliens vs. Predator $3.74
Aliens vs. Predator Collection $6
Plus more deals…

Ultra Street Fighter IV $10.19
Ultra Street Fighter IV Upgrade $5.09
Ultra Street Fighter IV DLC 66% off.
SSFIV:AE All-in Costume Pack (compatible w/USFIV) $5.09
USFIV: Vacation Complete Pack $6.79
USFIV: Wild Costume Pack $6.79
Plus more deals…
There’s a free weekend going on for SSIV. Play it for free until Sunday.

The Crew $30
The Crew Gold $42.49

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