Humble Store: Weekly Deals

By | April 28, 2015

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The Humble Store Weekly Deals for the week of 4/27 are live.

Commandos Collection $1.29 (Steam, DRM Free)
POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost $6.79 (Steam)
UFHO2 $5 (DRM Free)
Hearthlands $15 (Steam, DRM Free)
Club Manager 2015 $15 (Steam)
Grimoire: Manastorm $6.49 (Steam)
NOWHERE $23 (DRM Free)
Dark Scavenger $1.49 (Steam, DRM Free)
Cosmonautica $10 (Steam)
Kerbal Space Program $30 (Steam)
Monster Truck Destruction $6.79 (DRM Free)
Cloudbuilt $5 (Steam)
Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly $15 (Steam)
JumpJet Rex $12 (Steam, DRM Free)
Gravity Badgers $1.24 (Steam)
Master Reboot $7.49 (Steam, DRM Free)
Infinity Runner $4 (Steam, DRM Free)
Jibs Arcade $1 (DRM Free)
FINAL FANTASY IV: The After Years $14.39 (Steam)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $54 (GOG)
Broken Bots $10 (Steam)
Highlands $12.74 (Steam, DRM Free)
Monstrum $15 (Steam, DRM Free)
Soul Axiom $17 (Steam)
Sword Coast Legends $35 (Steam)

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