GOG: DRM Free Fall Sale ends in 8 hours

By | November 25, 2014

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The GOG DRM Free FallSale ends in 8 hours. Most of the deals on individual titles are gone.  Twenty two of the highlighted deals are still active until the end of the sale. The deals themes are:

Action Platformers Selection
Best of Bullfrog
Deponia Trilogy
Eschalon Saga
Fedora Deluxe Pack
Heroes and Might and Magic Series
Hitman Classics
Indie Puzzlers
Legacy of Kain Saga
Mount & Blade Series
Movies for Gamers Pack
Mystified Bundle
Sim and Prosper
Spiderweb RPGS
Telltale’s Sam and Max
Theme Rollercoaster
Thief Series
Tomb Raider Saga
Ultima Series
Ultimate D&D Collection
Wadjeteye Retroadventures
Wing Commander Saga

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