Steam: StarForge $5 + Weekend Deals

By | August 7, 2014

Steam has their deals up for the weekend.

Daily deal for 8/7/14
StarForge $5
StarForge Digital Deluxe $7.49
StarForge Founders Club $18.74

Weekend Deals
Nosgoth – Veteran Pack $2.49
Nosgoth – Warlord Pack $6.49
Nosgoth – Warband Pack $10
Nosgoth – Immortal Pack $25
There’s a free weekend going on for this game. Play it for free until Sunday. You also get double XP this weekend.

Insurgency $7.49
Insurgency Four Pack $22.49
There’s also a free weekend going on for this game. This coincides with the release of their free Tilted Hunt DLC.

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