Nuuvem: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ~$5.50

By | August 15, 2014

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Nuuvem has Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition on sale for ~$5.50.

Requires Steam activation.

Thanks to reader Indra for the heads up on the deal.

7 thoughts on “Nuuvem: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ~$5.50

    1. w00py

      Hey Dave, sorry I was kind of lazy so I didn’t mention it but Nuuvem is a Brazilian site, so all their prices are in Brazilian Reals. To get the price in US dollars you can go to google and search for ” brazilian real to usd” or in this case “12.49 brazilian real to usd”.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      1. Dave

        That’s cool! If that’s the case, I’m getting it. Do you know any way to switch the page to English, it would make the whole process easier.


        1. w00py

          Yeah, you can use Google Chrome, which will ask if you want to translate the page.Or you can use a service like Babelfish.

          Pay with paypal, which will do the currency conversion for you. Also you should be able to avoid any foreign transaction fees that way.

          1. Dave

            What I haven’t been able to avoid yet is the region block… it seems there’s no way I can buy this game from Spain… meh :/

          2. w00py

            well there’s a proxy browser extension called “hola” that you could use that would set your region to south america, which would allow you to purchase the game.

            The only problem is the Steam key for the game could be region locked. It definitely works for the US and South America. I think it works for UK but I’m not sure about any other regions.

            So in your case I would probably hold off on this deal. That proxy program extension is really handy though. If you use Origin at all, it’s a good way to pick up newer releases through the Mexican Origin site at a discounted rate.

          3. Dave

            Thank you very much! I’ll hold off on this deal, but I’m gonna take a look at that program you mentioned!


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