GMG: 2K Multi Buy Promo

By | August 27, 2014

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GMG has a few things going on.

2K Multi Buy Promo
Pick 3 games for $24, 4 for $28, or 5 for $30.

Choices are:
Borderlands 2
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
XCOM: Enemy Within
Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods & Kings
NBA 2K13
BioShock 2
Borderlands Game of the Year Edition
The Stronghold Collection
Spec Ops: The Line
Mafia II
The Darkness II
Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Complete
Sid Meier’s Civilization V
Duke Nukem Forever

All Steam

Alternatively there’s the 2K Ultimate Pack for $54.22.

Use the voucher code 28CWZS-2U9JHB-JZGE4H for 25% off select upcoming titles. Titles are:
Fable Anniversary = $21 after voucher (Steam)
Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition = $33.75 after voucher (Steam)
Gauntlet = $15 after voucher (Steam)
Gauntlet: 4-Pack = $45 after voucher (Steam)

Use the voucher 2TH410-HEYEJL-BPCZGF for 23% off the following titles:
FIFA 15 = $46.20 after voucher (Origin)
Dragon Age: Inquisition = $46.20 after voucher (Origin)

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