ShinyLoot: Summer Sale Daily deals for 7/13

By | July 13, 2014

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ShinyLoot Summer Sale Daily deals for 7/13/14 are below.

Arson & Plunder $1.25 (DRM Free)
Creeper World 2: Redemption $2.50 (DRM Lite)
Fill Up! $2.50 (DRM Free)
Hotel Giant $2 (DRM Free)
I Am Vegend $5 (DRM Free)
Jack Keane $2 (DRM Free)
Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire $1.25 (DRM Free)
Moonchild $3 (DRM Free)
Soulbringer $1.80 (DRM Free)
The Oil Blue $1.79 (DRM Free)
The Omega Stone $2.50 (DRM Free)
Zilm: A Game of Reflex $1 (DRM Free)

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