GMG: Summer Sale daily deals for 6/8

By | June 8, 2014

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GMG has their Summer Sale daily deals for 6/8/14 up. Some of the deals are listed below.

Publisher of The day – Paradox
Cities in Motion 1 & 2 Collection $21.24 (Steam)
Crusader Kings II Collection $20 (Steam)
King Arthur Collection $5 (Steam)
Magicka: Collection $5 (Steam)
The Showdown Effect: Deluxe Edition $5 (Steam)

Publisher of the day – Square Enix
Deus Ex Pack $11.23 (Steam)
Dungeon Siege Bundle $7.24 (Steam)
Final Fantasy Double Pack $12 (Steam)
Hitman Pack $9 (Steam)
Sleeping Dogs Pack $13 (Steam)
Tomb Raider Game of the Year $7.49 (Steam)

Indie Bundles
GMG 1-UP Bundle $18 (Steam)
GMG Frightfest Bundle $14.50 (Steam)
GMG OMG Bundle $11 (Steam)

Misc Deals
Digital Tribe Bundle $20.15 (Steam)

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