Groupees; Capsule Computers Indie Bundle, $1 min

By | August 29, 2013

The Groupees Capsule Computers Indie Bundle is live.

For a $1 minimum you get:
Super Sanctum TD (Steam; PC)
Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman (Desura, DRM-Free; PC, Mac)
Three Dead Zed (Desura, DRM-Free; PC, Mac, Linux)
Transcripted (Steam; PC, Mac)

For a $5 minimum you also get:
SpaceChem (Steam, DRM-Free; PC, Mac, Linux)
Swords & Soldiers HD (Steam; PC, Mac)
Lost Marbles (Desura, DRM-Free; PC, Mac)
Pressure (Steam; PC)

Once 2,500 bundles have been sold, everyone gets a free copy of Turba. Not sure what DRM it uses.

Click here to see the Groupees Capsule Computers Indie Bundle Deal.

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