Paradox Web Shop. 50% off select titles + daily deals

By | June 25, 2013

There’s a sale going on at the Paradox Web Shop. There’s a 50% discount on select titles plus there will be daily deals all week.

paradox webshop

The daily deals for 6/25/13 are:
The Showdown Effect = $2.50
The Showdown Effect – Four Pack = $7.50
The Showdown Effect Deluxe Edition = $5
The Showdown Effect Digital Deluxe Edition – Four Pack = $15
The digital deluxe edition includes a copy of Magicka

Dungeonland = $2.50
Dungeonland – Four Pack = $7.50
Dungeonland: Grimoire Pack = $2.25

Crusader Kings Complete = $2.50

I believe they all activate on Steam. Only one I’m not sure of is Crusader Kings.

Click here to see the games on sale at the Paradox Web Shop.

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