Indie Gala Dungeons 3 Day Deal, Nordic Games Sale

By | May 20, 2013

Two Indie Gala deals going on. Firstly, they’ve got a new pay what you want deal for Dungeons.

Pay What You Want For:
F-777 – Deadlocked (VOL.2) (Music)

Pay $1 or more to get above plus:
Patrician III (Steam)

Pay $2.88 or more to get above plus:
Patrician IV – Steam Special Edition (Steam)
Patrician IV: Ride Of A Dynasty (Steam)
Dungeons – The Dark Lord (Steam)

Pay $3.75 or more to get above plus:
Dungeons – Steam Special Edition (Steam)

The Dungeons Deal will last for 3 days only.


Over at the Gala Store, there’s a Nordic Game sale going on. Nordic titles are on sale for 50% off throughout the week. There will also be a daily deal at a deeper discount. Up to 80% off.

The deals for the week will be:
Monday – Painkiller Hell & Damnation = $4.99 (Steam)

Tuesday – The Book of Unwritten Tales (Standard and Deluxe)
Wednesday – SpellForce 2 Faith in Destiny (Standard and Deluxe)
Thursday – Painkiller Black Edition
Friday – The Guild 2
Saturday – ArcaniA
Sunday – Gothic 3

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