Faerie Solitaire free for Steam (with conditions). 1st 10k

By | March 31, 2013

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For April 1st, you can get Faerie Solitaire free for Steam. For the first 10,000 people only.

The conditions are:

  • Your account has to be older than April 1st.
  • You have to own 5 games or more.
  • You have to join their Steam group.

See more details here.


2 thoughts on “Faerie Solitaire free for Steam (with conditions). 1st 10k

  1. indra

    i didn’t get the key even though i have joined their group. And clicked the CHECK AGAIN button and then i refresh the page and get the key :)

    1. w00py

      Heh. joke was on me because apparently I already owned the game lol. Here’s a key up for grabs:

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