Amazon promotional code for 25% off with some exceptions

By | October 3, 2012

Use the promotional claim code OCTOFUN1 to get 25% off digital game titles at Amazon. It’s valid on everything except for pre-orders and any games that were released within the last 30 days.

Some of the good deals are (prices are after the code):

Sleeping Dogs = $22.49 – Steamworks
The Storming, Burning, Reflecting, Flaming, Sabotaging Pack = $7.50 – most activate on Origin
Guild Wars 2 = $44.99
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Digital Collection = $7.49 – activates on Origin
Street Fighter IV = $7.63

That’s pretty much it for now. Ideally what happens is Amazon puts a game on sale and you can try to stack the code on top. Otherwise 25% off regular price isn’t that great.

Click here to see the current game deals at Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Amazon promotional code for 25% off with some exceptions

  1. Salsa Marcos Leonardo

    I used a green man gaming voucher on XCOM (although the website says it doesn’t) and it did work. Paid 33 dollars for it, might have to do it quick before they fix it.

    1. w00py Post author

      I think the voucher works on XCOM if you’re in the UK/EU. Won’t work if you’re in the US. Cheapest place if you’re in the UZS is probably Get Games (using Paypal). I think the game is like 25% off and it comes with CIV5.

    1. w00py Post author

      Should be. I think technically Amazon digital downloads are for North America only, so I’m assuming they’re only selling NA keys.

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