Game Deals at Origin Store. Might be Euro Only

By | May 16, 2012

Reader Vladimir sent this in for the Origin Store (Thanks). He’s in the Euro zone so it’s possible it’s a Euro only deal. I’m not seeing discounts at the US store.

Dragon Age Origins – 9.99e
Dragon Age 2 – 9.99e
Mass Effect 1 – 4.99e
Mass Effect 2 – 12.49e
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning – 24.99e

7 thoughts on “Game Deals at Origin Store. Might be Euro Only

  1. vladeck

    Well, I’m in DVD 2 region; Singapore is DVD 3 (hope I’m not wrong). I’ve sent that tip and I’m now kinda sorry for doing so, as it seams that Origin is more discount fragmented that I¬†thought. I can still see discounts listed above but not those that Sheng mentioned.

  2. vladeck

    I was talking about region restrictions (using DVD regions as a guideline) and why discounts I see from my Origin client might not be visible to others. I haven’t mixed digital distribution and retail.

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