Mount & Blade Collection on Sale for < $6 at Nuuvem (Steam)

By | April 7, 2012

Nuuvem has the Mount & Blade Collection on sale for 9,90 Brazilian Real, which is currently less than $6 USD.

Apparently this version of the games uses Steamworks, so you’ll have to activate it on Steam.

This is an awesome deal because it comes with the original M&B, M&B: Warband, and M&B: With Fire & Sword.

The site is in Brazilian Portuguese, so you will probably have to use google translate or babelfish to read the page and make an account but  it’s still an awesome deal. Just a slight hassle.

2 thoughts on “Mount & Blade Collection on Sale for < $6 at Nuuvem (Steam)

  1. Rasmus

    Hm, you posted it a little too late :/ i would love to buy the pack but you posted the deal too late :3

    1. w00py Post author

      Sorry about that. Was real busy over the weekend so only posted a few deals when I got a chance. I’ll try to get it up earlier next time.

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