Groupees Be Mine 2 Indie Bundle up for pre-order, PWYW

By | April 4, 2012

Groupees has put up their Be Mine 2 Indie Game Bundle up for pre-order. It’s another Pay What You Want (PWYW) pack of indie games (with a minimum price). A portion of the proceeds goes to the needy so it’s a good cause.

All of the games in the bundle activate on Steam.

Pay at least $4 to receive these games:

If you pay at least $10, you will also receive Killing Floor (72 metascore).

The page says the bundle starts soon. Demos are available for some of them.

Click here to see the Groupees Be Mine 2 Indie Game Bundle deal.

2 thoughts on “Groupees Be Mine 2 Indie Bundle up for pre-order, PWYW

  1. McReady

    Currently can’t even click to pre-order the bundle. I’m really starting to think Groupees is gonna to majorly screw up their launch again like last time. They better fix this up soon or they gonna to lose tons of potential customers.

    1. w00py Post author

      I did not know that. I want to pre-order but at this point I think I’m just buying games for the sake of buying games lol.

      Hope they get it fixed because I agree, they’re losing a lot of potentional customers with thier shoddy website.

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